Automated garden irrigation

Automated garden irrigation

There is a common misconception that watering your garden with a pre-installed sprinkler system is a waste of water. Some people prefer a manual movable sprinkler or simply a hose thinking that they can limit water usage this way. A well designed automated popup system has many significant advantages over these manual methods.

The first advantage is the ability to evenly cover your garden every time you irrigate. Driptech can professionally design your irrigation scheme down to the placement of each and every sprinkler and it’s nozzle to ensure that every part of your garden receives the correct amount of water. With conventional methods you are relying on someone to move the sprinkler to the exact position every time for the right lengths of time, which rarely happens.

Available at all Driptech branches.

Once you have an accurately designed scheme Driptech’s water engineers will know exactly how much water resources you will need to apply to any given part of the garden. This will enable us, with an automated irrigation control box and electric valves, to design you the optimal irrigation schedule. Once programmed, your garden will essential water itself perfectly, maximising every drop of water. This will also enable you to irrigate at night. The lack of evaporation makes irrigation 2-3 times more effective for the same volume of water. A hose or sprinkler between 12pm and 2pm is as efficient as cutting your lawn with scissors.

An automated irrigation control box has still more features to offer including a designed zone to evenly water your garden with a predetermined period of time maximising efficiency. It also features a slot for a rain sensor which means you won’t waste your water when the rain is doing the work for you. A simple “seasonal adjustment” setting lets you proportionally reduce your irrigation through the cooler months. The control box can even turn your pump on when it is ready to water and off once it is done, saving you electricity.

All of these features make an automated irrigation system the most accurate, reliable and easiest way to water your garden. It is also by far the most efficient method of garden irrigation. With all the power cuts, your irrigation system can turn on when the power comes back even if it is at night!

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