Easy to install tobacco drip kits

Easy to install tobacco drip kits

Drip irrigation is the most accurate and efficient form of irrigation because water is delivered directly to the roots of the plants with no water being wasted.

There are numerous advantages by solely targeting the active rooting zone:

  • Water usage is minimised (less pumping requirements)
  • Weed growth is minimised as water is only supplied to the crops and not the area between the crop rows
  • Fertiliser usage is minimised and made more efficient through fertigation
  • Yield is maximised by ensuring that no fertiliser or water is absorbed by weeds

Driptech sells an easy to install 1 Hectare Tobacco drip kit. This kit is designed for use on a double rowed ridging system. Using this system allows for the use of a single dripline per two rows of plants. This halves the amount of dripline required to irrigate the crop and in doing so halves the cost of the scheme.

Drip-tech Irrigation’s 1 hectare tobacco kit uses a 1 litre per hour drip line which drastically reduces friction loss inside the dripline.

This result is an improved distribution throughout the line. Additionally, this drip line slows down the water application rate which results in greater soil penetration and better lateral movement of the water. These advantages result in a more stable, deep penetrating root systems which provide stability to your plants whilst also improving the yields.

Drip Kit Diagram

The drip kit is designed to be portable and easy to install. This allows the kit to be moved between seasons as and when field rotations are required.

The kit can easily be connected to an existing mainline and pump system, as it comes with its own pressure regulating valve and filter. The use of a pressure regulating valve also allows the kit to be used with a variety of pumps, from petrol driven to electrical units.

Finally, these kits have been designed to allow for two or more kits to be connected in conjunction with each other. This happens through the use of a main line which gives the possibility of installing large schemes of up to 10 hectare. Greater schemes can also be designed and installed with ease.

Contact Driptech at 0867 700 7000 or visit one of our branches to find out more.

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