At Drip-Tech Irrigation we specialise in Micro-Irrigation, offering an array of systems to suit virtually any application: from greenhouse irrigation to in-field systems, and basic units. We also hold an unrivalled selection of nozzles and spreaders to ensure that we can tailor systems to match your exact requirements. From misters, foggers and micro-jets to the Aqua-master - our specialist seedbed sprinkler system, we have the Micro-Irrigation system for you. We also hold all requisite piping, fittings, filtration, and fertigation units to provide you with a one stop shopping experience for Micro-Irrigation.




The main principal of Micro-Irrigation is to apply a low volume of water in a fine and even spray to the required area. This gives it several clear advantages over other forms of irrigation including:


  • High level of control over position and uniformity of water application

  • Low pressure and flow requirements

  • Highly accurate application increasing water usage efficiency

  • Very good in harsh conditions and environment


These advantages make Micro-Irrigation the preferred solution for many applications from garden irrigation to greenhouse applications and is the favoured method for irrigation on tree plantations globally. Whatever your requirement, Drip-Tech Irrigation offers you a suitable and affordable solution.