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Updated: Jun 11, 2019

Drip-Tech Irrigation is proud to announce that our Tank Factory has begun production of our quality range of Jumbo storage tanks. All of which are manufactured from the highest quality virgin food grade materials ensuring that they are safe to use for household drinking water. What can I use these tanks for? - Water storage - Rain water harvesting - Grain storage Why grain storage? - Thanks to the air tight seal on top, these tanks provide excellent protection from pests - Keeps everything inside dry - Easy to lock for security Why is the inside of the tank white? All our tanks come with 3 layers. Each layer has a unique purpose and function. - The white inner layer enables you to clearly see inside the tank and is made of approved food grade materials. - The black middle is the UV resistance layer that prevents any algae building up inside the tank. - The grey outer is a robust layer. Enabling you to store your tank outside and blend itself into most surroundings. Can these be delivered to my house? Yes, within city limits Drip-Tech offers an affordable delivery charge for any Jumbo Tank purchased. Where can I buy all the fittings I need to plumb my tank in? At Drip-Tech you will be able to find a variety of fittings, pipe sizes, filters and pumps to suit your plumbing needs. In addition to this we can even provide you with a list of recommended installers. These are companies / individuals that we feel are reputable, understand our products and especially the way they should be installed.

Where can I buy my Jumbo Tank from? Jumbo Tanks are available from any Drip-Tech branch and come in the following popular sizes : - 5000L - 2000L - 1000L Why are your tanks prices so low as compared to other tank suppliers? - Our tanks are all blow molded, the only one of its kind here in Zimbabwe at present. This enables us to produce tanks more efficiently as compared to other manufacturing processes.

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