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Mud Run 2020

Are you ready! DripTech is now on board.

You’ve seen the photos you’re friends have posted online of them covered in mud, swinging across monkey bars, and crawling through mud pits. You’ve faced your fears and finally pulled the “registration” trigger to join them: you’re going to do your first mud run. Which leads you here, wondering what am i in for?

I’m glad you asked.

Our aim is to make it as wet and as muddy as possible! The Mud Run is an event unlike any other. A chance to run a race…to laugh hysterically at yourself as you play in the mud…and a chance to truly test your limits to see how tough, mentally and physically, you can be. YES you will face obstacles that bring you out of your comfort zone. But what is life if not a great adventure? So bottom line: do not be intimidated. Sign up and do your best to make it to the end!

What You'll Need :

The Right Clothing :

You are going to get dirty. Wet, muddy, downright disgusting. If you don’t, you aren’t having enough fun. Your clothing and your shoes will quite possibly be destroyed. Wear something that is somewhat snug (helps in the water), fast drying (tech gear), and something you wouldn’t mind throwing away at the end. As far as shoes go: most races have a shoe donation pile at the end that will put those muddy kicks to good use instead of simply throwing them away.

A Buddy :

You’re going to need help with those obstacles! Just kidding, everything here is geared to be child friendly its just more fun that way.

To Arrive :

You trained hard, you showed up to the race, and you are toeing the starting line. The most important tip at this point is to :

Have Fun!

You came here for a reason, get dirty! Important Info Venue: Jam Tree www.facebook.com/thejamtreeharare

Event organizers : Cutting Edge www.cuttingedge.co.zw

This is an annual charity event that donates to the worthy cause of Kidzcan. Should you wish to know more about this noble organization you can follow the link below www.kidzcanzimbabwe.org

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