Centre Pivots

DripTech are proud suppliers of Otech – the largest European manufacturer of centre pivot and lateral move irrigation systems. From tobacco fields to potato crops, irrigated pastures, maize and row crops, DripTech has installed Otech centre pivots for them all. All our pivots are built to European ISO and EN Standards. We offer a range of Nelson, Senninger and Komet Sprinklers and the gearboxes and motors are built by UMC. Our systems offer unique over-watering protection. DripTech keeps pivot stock on hand and any spares that may be necessary. Offering unparalleled service and back-up, DripTech can help farmers realise maximum yield and efficiency.

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Micro-Jet Irrigation

At DripTech Irrigation we offer an array of micro-jet irrigation systems to suit virtually any application: from greenhouse irrigation to in-field systems, and basic units. We also hold an unrivalled selection of nozzles and spreaders to ensure that we can tailor systems to match your exact requirements. From misters, foggers and micro-jets to the Aqua-master – our specialist seedbed sprinkler system, we have the micro-irrigation system for you. We also hold all requisite piping, fittings, filtration, and fertigation units to provide you with a one stop shopping experience for micro-jet irrigation.

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Overhead Irrigation

Overhead irrigation utilizes large aperture nozzles that can throw water as far as 20 metres. The main advantage of overhead irrigation is the schemes capacity to irrigate larger areas for relatively little capital outlay. It is ideal for projects with large amounts of water, small start-up costs and suitable crops that can withstand large droplets.

The use of overhead sprinklers should be carefully laid out to ensure good uniformity and is highly effective and suitable in many instances. DripTech’s overhead sprinkler systems can be designed to be permanent or to have moveable spray lines which allow you to cover larger areas with less equipment. We stock a wide range of different overhead irrigation systems and multiple nozzles in each system to allow each scheme to be custom designed to meet individual requirements.

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