Our Pipe Range

We provide solutions for above-ground and subsurface water applications. 

Our local tank factory supplies U-PVC, M-PVC, HDPE, Borehole casing , Sewer pipes & LDPE.

  • U-PVC (unplasticised PVC) pipe is manufactured from 20mm – 40mm, is solvent joint socketed and has UV protection.
  • M-PVC (impact modified PVC) pipe also has UV protection and is manufactured from 20mm -500mm* and ranges from classes 6 – 16. These pipes are solvent joint socketed up to 75mm and rubber joint socketed up to 500mm.
  • Our PE100 poly pipe is manufactured from 20mm – 90mm and ranges from classes 6 – 25.
  • Borehole casing is manufactured in 125mm, 140mm, and 180mm diameters. This is available in class 6 and class 10 and comes in 6m lengths and 3m lengths which can be slotted upon request.
  • Sewer pipe is made from U-PVC and comes in SDR34 and SDR51.


We use only the best raw virgin materials in our products to ensure strength and longevity. All material used is ISO Certified. We value the health and safety of our customers which is why all product batches undergo stringent testing to ensure that we deliver the absolute best. In addition to providing excellent chemical resistance, our products have been approved for use in potable water systems.

Our pipe products have been approved and certified by the Standards Authority of Zimbabwe in an ISO 9001 certified factory and are compliant with the South African Bureau of Standards.

In addition to our locally manufactured pipes, we also offer:

  • Copper pipe in 15mm and 22mm diameters and we can supply any size between 0.5m and 5.5m, along with capillary and compression fittings.
  • Lay-flat hose from 1.25 inch to 10 inch for coupling or water delivery in 30m and 50m rolls.
  • Suction hose from 1.5 inch – 6 inch and comes in 30m and 50m rolls.
  • Galvanised pipe from 0.5 inch – 4 inch diameter and comes in 6m lengths but can be cut to pieces as small as 10cm.


*315mm-500mm PVC Pipes available on request.

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