OTECH – The pivot of choice for the demanding Zimbabwean environment.

OTECH – The pivot of choice for the demanding Zimbabwean environment.

The irrigation system of any farm is critical to ensuring an optimal environment for your crops to thrive. Driptech’s dedicated Projects’ team focuses on customers’ needs to create bespoke irrigation schemes specialising in pivots. From conception to commissioning, Driptech can provide all the expertise in-house, and develop the best pivot solutions for you.

Our Projects division has a wealth of expertise; a state-of-the-art drone enables us to survey your farm in just one afternoon. From the data collected we can generate 3D maps, irrigation designs, crop health reports and point out areas that might be suffering from nutrient deficiencies or poor drainage. The project division consequently looks after the pivot installations and pivot maintenance

Otech started life as Lockwood, a leading American manufacturer that was the first company to manufacture pivots outside the USA. Over time the company established itself in France and became known as Otech.

Otech pivots are now French designed which built pivots that were first developed in the 1980’s. Famed for their durability, Otech pivots have the strongest steel structure and thickest galvanising of any pivot sold in Africa.

Since the 1980’s, Otech has developed its design and functionality, the 62-meter span, now seen as standard across the world was first developed and built by Otech in France.

This progressive thinking continues to provide farmers with the cutting-edge equipment they need to increase crop yields and remain profitable in this increasingly competitive industry.

Like most industries, Agriculture is becoming increasingly automated. High labour costs and the stresses involved in maintaining a large workforce has driven farmers to look for solutions to these problems.

Otech have developed a range of different pivot automation options to address these needs.


The Rainloc is the most simplistic which can be retro fitted to the end tower of most pivot designs. This system allows the farmer to remotely.

  • Start* and stop the pivot
  • Real-time position of the pivot using GPS positioning
  • Receive simple real-time SMS alarms such as safety stop.

* The pivot must be powered on before the start function can be used.


Offers full remote control of a pivot via a control box placed on the last tower of the pivot.


The Dositech is an all-encompassing pivot centre control box which allows full local and remote control.

  • Generator start and stop
  • Pivot start and stop
  • Real-time position of the pivot using GPS positioning
  • Control the direction, speed of the pivot, dosing pump and end gun
  • Sector control and an automated weekly irrigation program.
  • Receive real-time SMS alarms such as safety stop, power cut, low water pressure
  • Multiple outputs for accessories

All the remote systems can be managed through one internet-based interface. The interface does not require a subscription. The estimated data use per month for each system is 500mb

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